About us

We grow with our customers...

IntelliSoft Software is a buisness name that specialized in providing software solutions. Thus business was established in August 2015 and is govermened by Sudanese laws: The business name is owned by Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.:

where the company also owns an establishment in the UAE under the business name ODOOTECH FZE for international operations and is governed by UAE laws:
In addition the company conducts all of its training operations under the business name IntelliTrain Training Center . The business was established in January 2018   and is governed by Sudanese laws :

How we do it?

Being different...

We have always set out to be different and thus stand out from the crowd. This comes by providing quality software solutions that never fail to delight our customers.  

In addition we have a strong reputation due to our highly trained and competent staff, diverse skill set and valuation of time, where it is always our goal to deliver on time and at the agreed cost while meeting requirements. This has been made possible by following proven track record in software projects implementation. In addition we value our customers and have a very transparent and well maintained long-term relationship with them, thus avoiding  the "read the fine print" policy!

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To serve quality and affordable software solutions across the nation as well as the Arab region gaining customer satisfaction and in turn loyalty.

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To be among the top five software businesses in the nation as well as an established brand in the Arab region by the year 2020.

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Core Values

We value honesty, quality,  affordability, satisfaction, commitment and reliability.